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General festival information

KLAP – Theatre for Young Audiences, is organised by Teatercentrum and takes place every year for a whole week in April in a different hosting municipality.

The very first festival was held in 1971. 15 theatres participated with 25 different shows. Today KLAP Festival is the world's largest festival of theatre for young audiences, presenting over 100 theatre companies, 150-200 different productions and around 500-600 performances.

During the festival week every single child and young person in the hosting municipality is given a theatre experience, and in the concluding weekend more than 25,000 children, young people and adults come to see the performances, all free of charge.

The festival is also visited by approximately 1,000 theatre professionals, international guests and theatre promoters.

The festival is financed entirely by public means which makes it possible to offer tickets free of charge. The basic funding comes from the local community, the regional government, the Ministry of Culture and the Danish Arts Foundation.

Facts & Figures from the 2022 edition...

105 theatres performed
146 different performances were shown
17,000 audiences attended weekend shows during the weekend.
And another 17,700 audiences attended performances in schools and kindergartens during the weekdays

In non-pandemic times (2019) there were:

850 TYA professionals attending
82 international visitors from 24 countries.