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Catch The Wave - IIAN World Congress

Be Bold! Be Brave!

"Catch the Wave!"

Esbjerg, Denmark, 28th-2nd April 2022

As a part of the Aprilfestival 2022 International Inclusive Arts Network will host "Catch the Wave" Congress. A live and digital event of Inclusive Performing arts for young audiences taking place in a safe atmosphere.

IIAN (The International Inclusive Arts Network) is extremely excited to welcome you all to a Congress. We are giving creativity free space, where artists, who might approach the world from a different point of view can make their voices heard and give us new perspectives on the creative world, we are all living in. We are claiming the stage for Disabled young audiences and Artists of all ages.

Be bold!
Come and join us live or online and take part in the adventure.
The congress is both for the experienced inclusive artist and those new to this work.
We are all curious. We want to share ideas about how to make exciting and innovative inclusive work, so join us.

Be brave!
We stand in the middle of a movement! The field of professional performing arts has put different abilities on the agenda, but we still have a long way to go.
Together we can catch the momentum! We have the unique opportunity to devise a new way to use theatre arts and to challenge perceptions.

Catch the Wave - Experience
You will experience high-quality inclusive work delivered by professionals in the field.
Listen to conversations with international artists in a safe space, open for questions and curiosity.

The congress brings to you:

  • Live Shows for Blind Children followed by a masterclass (LT).
  • Film and workshop for neurodivergent teenagers (UK).
  • Masterclass and Dance film created with and for Autistic young people who do not use verbal language as their primary way of communicating (SCT).
  • Debate on creating plays for young Deaf audiences (UK & DK)
  • Workshop on creating relaxed performances for venues and festivals (ISR)
  • and much, much more.

Make sure no child is left out of the adventure!

Take a child to the theatre! – why are some children left out?
Take the Theatre to the child! – why do some children get nothing?

Practical info:

Esbjerg, Denmark, 28th-2nd April 2022

Created by: The IIAN team, Glad Teater, Aprilfestival & ASSITEJ Denmark.

Supported by Perform Europe